KCSL : Kerala Catholic Students League

The Kerala Catholic Students League is a training forum for Catholic Students in Schools. Inspired formation of its members as faithful christians and loyal citizens under the patronage of the Catholic Bishops Conference. It functions under the education commission of the KCBC and the CBCI. Although the membership is restricted to catolics, its services are extended to all irrespective of caste and creed, and its cooperates with all men of good will. KCSL stands unique in many respects, viz., it is the first student organization in the world. It is an association whose founders are students. It is a league of leaders and friends from students, teachers, priests and eminent members of society. It is an association for the students but it awards a teacher annually based on a statewise selection


KCSL tries to translate the following objectives into practice.

- To help the members grow in Jesus Christ through Faith,Study and Service,and to follow the Gospel values in daily life as to become ideal christains and integrated Indian citizen

- To install faith in God and moral consciousness among student

- To help students to stand for the unity and to uphold the democratic values

- To encourage the student to be committed to religious freedom and communal harmony

- To make students responsible to duties while respecting the interests of the society and the nation

- To foster values,and to train members develop all their talents in socially usefull direction

- To evolve solid leadership in the society,Church and in the nation.

- To encourage students to excel in academic and extra curricular activities.

- To supplement religious training and Bible study in schools by means of study in schools by means of Study Circles,Discussions,Seminar,Camps,Groupsprayer,etc

- To develop social awareness among the students and to train them respond healthy to social issues and social evils.

- To encourage commitement and dedication in all walks of life and to foster vocation to priestly and religious life.

- To uphold the spirit of ahimsa and universal brotherhood,and to make members available to the needy even at the risk of self sacrifice.